Shamanic Energy Healing Services


SHAMANIC ENERGY HEALING has been known and practiced for thousands of years in cultures all over the world. It is based on the belief that the energy field around our bodies gathers debris from all life events, emotions, beliefs we hold as true and karma. Left unhealed these issues/energies manifest as disease in our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

When our energy centers become clogged, blocked or damaged, we may experience unexplained aches and pains, feelings of not belonging or being lost, low energy; we may repeat old patterns (negative life experiences), or have the inability to move forward, make a decision, live in fear or see scarcity everywhere in our lives. 

Shamanic healing is Spirit guided (not a religion) and helps us reach into our shadows and bring wounds/issues to light for transformation and healing. Shamanic practices clear away heavy energy, pain, fear, guilt, shame; retrieve helping spirits, retrieve lost soul essence and add light to our energy field, and help us remember and embrace our healed state/authentic self.



JOURNEY INTO THE SHADOWS, ILLUMINATION - tracking and releasing heavy energies in the luminous field (think aura) as well as the physical body. The aura holds our personal and ancestral memories, our emotions, stories and wounds. These wounds predispose us to emotional, mental, spiritual and physical disease. We work with the energy field and centers to release wounds through breath; then balancing those fields and imprinting with positive energy.

INTRUSION EXTRACTION - emotions take the form of energy and are stored in our aura and bodies. Holding grief, anger, guilt, shame, fear and anxiety in our abdomen or projecting these emotions onto others are all  misplaced energies called intrusions. When perceived, the are removed and sealed with healing life force.

SOUL RETRIEVAL  - it is believed that part of the human soul, an essence of our  self, is free to leave and does so to protect itself from traumatic events (eg: accidents, death of loved ones, divorce, abuse, hurtful words and/r actions by another, etc.). Some symptoms of soul loss may include depression, feelings of being incomplete, inability to move forward and not feeling in control of life. Through journeying we discover the original wounding, heal that wound and bring that soul essence home; creating a new reality in our subconscious mind which enables forward movement and wholeness.

SPIRIT RELEASE - compassionate depossession is a form of spiritual healing that addresses the issue of spirit possession illness. Sudden death, severe grief, unresolved issues of trauma at the time of death may leave a soul confused, angry and unable or unwilling to cross to the Light. These souls (suffering Beings) remain earthbound and attach to people or places; this can result in emotional, mental and physical illness as well as behavior changes. With compassion we help these suffering Beings transition to the Light without judgement thereby freeing the client from the influences of the Being.

HEALED STATE MEMORY - journey to the upper world to remember your soul essence, your healed state of being. We change and heal those affinity receptors keeping you from remembering the light you carry within and imprint the memory of your healed/authentic self, your wholeness, your Oneness with the Divine.

POWER ANIMAL RETRIEVAL - in most shamanic cultures it is believed that each of us has one or more Power Animal (spirit guardian) that accompany us through life. These guardians protect, guide, teach and strengthen us. When we lose our connection to our Power Animal we lose our personal power. We retrieve our Power Animal through journeying. We do not choose our Power Animal, they choose us...we honor them when we accept them and their gifts and develop a relationship with them.

SACRED CEREMONY - DESPACHO AND FIRE - ceremony is the vehicle for change in shamanism. I offer despacho ceremonies for the land, loss of loved ones, honoring the spirit of the waters, for healing, for ayni (right relationship). A despacho (prayer bundle) is an act of love, gratitude, prayer and intention. A despacho helps bring us into balance and harmony. Fire is a ceremony for transformation and healing. (WATCH OUR CALENDAR AND FOLLOW SPIRIT OF THE OWL HEALING ARTS ON FACEBOOK TO SEE COMMUNITY FIRE CEREMONY OFFERINGS)

GUIDED MEDITATION - you may be lead on a journey for the purpose of achieving healing. Guided meditation helps you let go of your thoughts and allows your subconscious mind to follow the spoken word. Guided meditation helps you relax, release negative patterns, emotions and beliefs and sets you in a place of peace and well-being.

REIKI - will be activated and flow throughout your session. Reiki is a gentle technique that helps open and restore the flow of energy around your body; reduces stress, induces relaxation and promotes healing.   

HOME AND LAND CLEARING AND BLESSING - a home/space clearing helps cleanse heavy, negative energy and bring Light into your home. Clearing is helpful when moving into a new home, leaving a home, after major events (divorce, death, fire, etc.). Home clearing may involve helping suffering Beings lost in the middle world/earth plane cross to the Light. A land despacho may be used to honor the ancestors of the land and bring about a harmonious relationship as well as heal land trauma.


Homes up to 35OO sq ft: $200.00; 3500 - 5000 sq ft $250.00; 5000 - 7500 sq ft $300.00; 7500 - 10,000 $350.00

Office buildings and homes over 10K sq ft please call for quote.

Optional service - Tiera (land) despacho; add $50.00

Home and land clearing services outside of the De Pere/Green Bay area will also incur a $10.00 per hour (or fraction there of) travel fee to and from your home.        


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Payment options include cash, check, credit/debit card at time of service and VENMO